Andrea & Phil Sunset Shoot

James Fenlon Photography

James from James Fenlon Photography decided to do a sunset photo shoot in Sally gap county Wicklow. We were happy to supply bouquets, buttonhole and a brides flower crown for this shoot as it was a passed bride and groom we supplied wedding flowers for. When we reached our first destination in blessington lakes the sun was beginning to slowly set so james was able to get some very beautiful photos beside the lakes. Quickly back into the cars, time was of the essence here, we raced to our next location which was the Sally gap, the photos here, as you can see, were phenomenal. We used some lanterns with real candles to give that extra special romantic feeling. We were having so much fun on this shoot we bearly noticed the time passing and realised we would be able to get some fantastic moon photos, so it was a case of two for the price of one, happy ending to a very happy fun evening..